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Nov 14, 2012 9:00am PST
technology in earth moving. now, in southern california and in many other areas as well, there are seasonal fluctuations in the lake level. typically, lake levels are low in the summer, but whatever season they're low, earth-moving equipment can come in and excavate these sands from the dry foreshore area. the foreshore deltas in these reservoirs contain most of the beach-size sand, and these will be high and dry when lake levels are low. so they can be collected with standard earth-moving equipment and trucked directly to the beach or reintroduced to the stream beds downstream. if there is technology and engineering available for transporting sand around dams, why isn't this being done? one reason may be that many scientists originally rejected the idea that dams actually contribute to erosion. but that is no longer the case. the problem currently seems to be that the value of sand as a coastal resource may still not be fully recognized. a lot of this sand is already excavated by sand and gravel companies for construction material. it should be treated as a public resource and a f
Nov 9, 2012 3:00pm PST
, the market potential was limited by technology. because they had to carry the stones to market on their backs, the market had to be close by. filomeno's problem is similar. although he can use a bus to get his metates to market, the cost of transportation must be added to the sale price. if filomeno transports his metates much beyond the neighboring market town, he must add the cost of a round-trip bus fare to the price. and this would make his metates too expensive. ten miles from filomeno's house is the town of tlacolula. market is held here once a week. almost everything is sold by the actual producers or their families. weekly markets are one of the most ancient of economic institutions. today, sales involve cash. but until quite recently, most societies, like the ancient maya, depended on barter, so much of one commodity for so much of another. market at tlacolula is highly competitive. there's a large number of sellers for each product all in competition with each other, and all within sight of each other. and the buyers, also people from the countryside, are usually prudent
Nov 15, 2012 3:00pm PST
somebody when they've died. and i think that speaks to health care and technology these days. there was a time when doctors did not always reveal that a patient's condition was terminal. it was a judgment call, based on their perception of the situation and the patient's ability to handle the information. and some would concede that if they were dealing with a man of affairs, a major businessman, they would expect that person, that man to be both levelheaded enough and to have such weighty considerations that if he had cancer, he ought to know, because he would need to make arrangements. but for the rest of us in the hoi polloi, the sense was, doctors knew best. we have become much more honest. basically, you know, patients' rights, patients' autonomy has been increasingly realized. so we no longer really feel we have the right to withhold information from them. so certainly, much more frankly and much earlier, we tell patients about fatal diagnoses. i was just on a shopping line in a grocery store with my young son. he was three at the time, and i was holding him my arms and facing
Nov 8, 2012 11:00am PST
that sheltered local industries, but there was a ice procte technological know-how. e nortamerican free trade agement, onafta, was crafted dual end those protections. theso now, the maquiladorasend e locatifrom the u.s.ions. and manyigrants from the holw core move to fiach other in cities soutof theorde ke ts. they are also migrating here to monterrey. located in the northern border region, monterrey is mexico's third largest city and the country's center of heavy industry. rof american-owned mattel toys,, to continue his research. as he expected, many of these workers came from the hollow core region, lured north by the higher salaries in the maquiladoras. aquí en la fábrica, pues, como le dijo... translator: here ithe factory we work an eight-hour day. for an eight-houday in my me town, they'd paybout 8,000esos. heren the factory we earn twice as much. narrator: at grote industries, most workers are women, who assemble reflectors and ilg. th a pai62 cents per hour. wthat's less than the goiageilg. in the north along the bor but it is more than new plants would ha to payin theol
Nov 8, 2012 3:00pm PST
cancer and stomach cancer can be identified with the help of fiberoptic technology. a flexible tube called a fiberscope is inserted in the area under investigation. the fibers transmit an image from the lighted end of the scope to an eyepiece or monitor. other cancers that grow within tissues, such as breast cancer and lung cancer, can be detected by x-rays. ct scans and mri's can also be used to find deeply embedded cancers, such as brain cancer. i don't rember being anything but sort of shocked. i couldn't believe it. i had no-- there were no risk factors in my family other than my father, and he was anomalous. i was so healthy, and i mean, i just really didn't know what to do and of course, because i had never thought about it, i was very unprepared. we all have ways of trying to organize what happens to us in a cause/effect relationship in our minds. and that leads us constantly to the same conclusions that if something bad happened to me, there must be some very simple linear explanation in my life for what happened, that this particular lifestyle, this stress at work, this or
Nov 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
transform, which really underlies sort of all of modern digital technology. >> it undoes all of your odd waveforms into their component pieces. >> and you can start manipulating the frequencies. [ synthesizer plays ] >> welcome to moog music. we build analog musical synthesizers in the tradition of bob moog, who is one of the pioneers of electronic music. my name is cyril lance, and i'm a design engineer here. let's take a little tour of the factory. all right, here we are out on the production floor. this is where we build all our synthesizers and musical equipment. this is where we install all the circuit boards, and aaron is taking our front panels and putting everything together so that we can start attaching the actual circuits. synthesizers, as we make them, are electronic instruments. and they can have the form of a keyboard or they can have the form of a module that can be controlled by many things: pedals, any type of input device. the synthesizers create sine waves. a sine wave is a periodic waveform, and it's really one of the pure waveforms. sine waves relate to fourier s
Nov 8, 2012 11:30am PST
capital goods in the high-technology sectors. so there should be significant advantages for the north american free-trade area to be extended to other countries, and particularly chile. remember, chile is the most free-trading country the whole of soer h vy low tariffs, virtually no non-tariff barriers, so it would be relatively easy for the united states to extend these links. ator chile willontit like mancoies spond states porces oflobalization,xpory. there wichanges and settlement patterns.luds captioned by media access group at wgbh annenberg media ♪ for information about this and other annenberg media programs call 1-800-learner and visit us at
Nov 8, 2012 7:30am PST
recording. you push the right buttons, turn the right dials, even i can carry a tune. that's technology. now, the real question is, what is a band going to sound like in front of 20,000 people ? hey, we can play live. come listen to us before you make a decision. now you're talking. where do you play ? well... there's this cool place in town called crossroads cafe. we play there all the time. you ever hear of it ? henry works there after school. i have to admit, i don't handle too many rock stars that are still in school. look, once i sign a record contract, i don't ever want to hear about school again. crossroads cafe. yes, mr. al-jibali is right here. just a moment, please. hello ? abdullah. it's good to hear from you. how are things in cairo ? take your time. yeah. really ? that's wonderful. how long are you staying ? well, in that case you must join us for dinner tonight. no, no, no, not at all. i insist. i'll call jihan right away. she'll be so pleased to hear from you. is 7:00 okay ? wonderful. you have our address ? good. good. i'll see you then. good-bye. good-bye, and thank you
Nov 15, 2012 11:00am PST
ctivrcin the environmental laws on the books. brazil has received some help from some new technology and from other ecologists, including chris uhl. uhl is the founder of imazon, a research institute located in the city of belém. the law in pará state says that 50% of all private land must be maintained in forest. until recently, that was very hard to monitor. now, using a system of satellites okgps is casearcher clos sousaitiing realowhat it allows us to do is to pickp signals from the satellites. and through ocess of triangulation we can locate ouels rylyn gr and through ocess to within about ten meters. four... ey've got ur saites now. we are... probably... in this... area. mm-hmm. narrator: if the government chooses, it can use gps to locate property lines on satlite photographs of the landscape. they can then determine how much of a farmer's land has beenleared but enforcement is stty. anotg problem is thenefficient way the cleared land is being used. the most common farming and grazing method here requires the farmer to cut tousandofirm spe,t it dry.ll set by farmers during the d
Nov 14, 2012 8:00am PST
now. the physics-types and the technology-types are working on. but when--and if and when they're solved, things are gonna be like different. really different. questions? i didn't quite catch the deal on breeder reactors because, say, losing mass is the name of the game. redirectors make it. let's go to that very, very quickly. what a breeder reactor does is very simple. if in your reactor you have 238 of plutonium-- or 235 of plutonium causing the fusion, if you put in some u-238-- i erased it over here-- the 238 will be turned to plutonium. so you're really not gaining any mass. what you're doing is you're converting something that's not very helpful, 238. you're converting that to something that is very helpful, energy-wise, plutonium. and the analogy i used in the book is like putting gasoline-- putting some water in your gasoline in your car. so it isn't like you get more mass than you started with. you're just converting the water to the gasoline. or in this case, you're converting the 238 to plutonium. and it turns out, every reactor is all the time breeding. if you have an
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10